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Wavesink Plus (Android)

Wavesink Plus (Android) (Trial/Paid)  Wavesink Plus Wavesink Plus is another Android based RTL-SDR receiver with a free trial and paid full version. Wavesinks main feature is that it is capable of decoding DAB+ and DRM+ digital radio signals. As well as the digital radio signals, it can...
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Studio1 (Windows) (Paid) Studio1 Studio1 is a non-free commercial SDR receiver with advanced DSP capabilities, and is claimed to have the lowest CPU usage of any general purpose SDR software. Studio1 supports the RTL-SDR through use of an ExtIO.dll module. Studio1’s claims that it...
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GQRX (Mac/Linux) (Free) GQRX GQRX is a free simple to use SDR receiver which runs on Linux and Mac systems. It is similar to SDR# in terms of features and simplicity of use. GQRX comes with a standard FFT spectrum and waterfall display and a number of common filter settings.  
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Linrad (Windows/Linux/Mac) (Free) (Related Post) Linrad Linrad is a free advanced SDR program with a steeper learning curve compared to most other SDR programs. Many users prefer to use Linrad as it can be set up to have a very high amount of information density on the screen and it also has...
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SDR-RADIO.COM V2/V3 (Windows) (Free) SDR-RADIO.COM V2 SDR-RADIO.COM V2 and the newer V3 is a popular SDR program with many advanced features. As such is it a fair amount more difficult to learn and use compared to SDR# and HDSDR. Be sure you install version 2 and not V1.5 as only V2 has...
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HDSDR (Windows) (Free) HDSDR HDSDR is based on the old WinRAD SDR program. HDSDR supports the RTL-SDR through use of an ExtIO.dll module. To install HDSDR, download the program from the link on the main HDSDR page, then to use the RTL-SDR you will need to download the ExtIO_RTL2832.dll file...
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HDSDR + ExtIO_RTL2832.dll, ExtIO_LimeSDR.dll

วิธีใช้งานกับอุปกรณ์ RTL2832U และ LimeSDR. 1. แตกไฟล์ เปิดโปรแกรม HDSDR.exe ขึ้นมา จะมีกล่องโต้ตอบ ให้เลือกไฟล์ dll...
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ไดรเวอร์ Zadig for RTL2832U

วิธีติดตั้ง 1. เปิด zadig.exe (Run As Administrator) 2. คลิก Option > List All Devices 3. เลือก Bulk-In, Interface (Interface0) จากนั้นคลิกที่ Replace Driver 4.คลิก Install this driver software...
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Obitron 3.71 + DDE โปรแกรม ติดตามดาวเทียม ใช้ร่วมกับ SDRshap และ HDSDR

วิธี Config ให้ Obitron ลิ้งค์กับปลั๊กอิน Satellite Tracker ใน sdrsharp 1. เข้าไปที่ C:\Program files\Obitron\config 2. เปิดไฟล์ setup.cfg ด้วยโปรแกรม Notepad 3....
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SDRSharp V. +3 Plugins ยอดนิยม

Plugin -Frequency Scanner -Satellite Tracker (ใช้ร่วม MyDDE หรือ Obitron) -QPSK Demodulator ลิ้งค์โหลด จิ้มแรงๆ Password : สำหรับ Windows XP ให้ใช้ ลง .NET Framework 3.5 SP1...
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สูตรสายอากาศ 245 - 247 MHz